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Charger Set For Google Nexus 7, Black

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CrazyOnDigital USB Auto Car, USB Home Wall Charger and USB Data Cable For Google Nexus 7, Black

Nexus 7 Charger is specifically designed for Google Nexus 7

The wall charger, car charger, and USB cable are individually sealed in their own packaging. All accessories have an excellent quality build, not cheap and flimsy like other accessories. Both car and wall chargers come with built in I/C chips that prevent the phone from charging too fast and overcharging the battery. Phone can be used while charging on all accessories, but we suggest you do not operate your phone while driving. The 2.0 Micro USB Data cable is light weight and perfect for travel. It can charge your phone from any USB port. The cable can sync data from your computer to your phone. Please keep in mind we do not provide the USB cable drivers for your phone and you might have to download them from Nokia's website to sync your phone to your computer. They are manufactured with the highest quality materials and craftsmanship.

High power 2.1 AMP