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2-Tone Designer Stand Case - Black/Gray

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CrazyOnDigital 2-Tone Designer Stand Leather Case Cover Cover for ASUS Google...

Google Nexus 7 Tablet Wifi Touch Screen Model

This CrazyOnDigital Nexus 7 leather case features a textured black exterior leather with a stylis Gray closing tab. The leather case provides complete protection for your Google Nexus 7 tablet reading device. The case has full frontal cover to secure Google Nexus 7 device in the case. The cover look and feel sturdy. It holds the device in place snugly. The quality of the leather cover is excellent and feels good in your hand. The micro-fiber interior is also attractive and functional. The uniquely designed skeleton allows the case to transform into a table stand horizonally. The CrazyOnDigital case is lightweight, with a business-like look to it. It is perfect for carrying around your Nexus 7 wherever you go.

Available in different color combinations